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Welcome To Blue Sphere Corporation

Blue Sphere (OTCBB: BLSP) is an international company which develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, thereby solving two major global problems:

Abundant supply of electricity to meet energy shortage – Blue Sphere generates electricity from biogas derived from organic waste, signing long-term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) with leading electric companies prior to initiating the projects.

Converting waste into clean renewable energy reduces ecological damage – Preventing environmental problems, Blue Sphere produces clean energy by eliminating waste and by converting the harmful biogas methane (CH4) into carbon dioxide.

  What We Do
  • We setup, own and manage the project, i.e. BOO (Build-Own-Operate).
  • We sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with an electricity company or other off-taker.
  • We choose the best technology available and sign an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) agreement for a turnkey commissioning of the project.
  • We sign supply agreements with feedstock suppliers.
  • We provide financing, debt and equity.
  • We choose a site in an area where feedstock is easily available and where electricity grid connection is nearby.
  • We apply and receive all regulatory permits to erect the plant and process the waste.

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  Waste-to-Energy Projects

Blue Sphere is carrying out waste-to-energy projects in the USA and West Africa.
Blue Sphere is currently building a 5.2 MWh facility in Charlotte NC, expected to generate electricity to the grid 3rd quarter of 2015.

Projects in the USA
Blue Sphere is carrying waste-to-energy projects in the USA where there is a tax credit
Projects in West Africa
Blue Sphere has initiated several projects in Ghana, which will survive Kyoto