Turning Endless Waste Into Endless Energy


Blue Sphere develops, owns and operates waste-to-energy facilities that are changing the world today and for tomorrow.

Blue Sphere, a global Independent Power Producer
turns harmful wastes into sustainable energy.

Our complex systems help to:

Treat or eliminate waste rather than bury it

Reduce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions

Turn organic waste into sustainable clean energy

Protect underground water supplies


Organic waste can help supply a large and sustainable source of clean energy for growing global demands.

Blue Sphere transforms millions of tons of agricultural, municipal and industrial waste into sustainable clean energy and other by-products.

Over time, independent power producers like Blue Sphere will replace the need for environmentally harmful landfills that pollute our soil, underground water tables and atmosphere. Instead of burying organic waste, Blue Sphere transforms these harmful materials into sustainable clean energy, helping to eliminate the release of damaging greenhouse gases.

Endless Supply for Endless Demand

Million Tons

Organic Waste Generated Each Year

only 1.74m (4.8%) is leveraged for energy & soil amendment



Market Growth Over 5 Years

Forecast exceed $37 Billion by 2020

Billion $

Global Waste-to-Energy Market

Including Thermal and Biological Technologies

How Blue Sphere Works

Blue Sphere provides end-to-end development of complex infrastructure systems that turn waste into sustainable energy. Our team excels in financing, technical competency, regulatory compliance, feedstock procurement and project management.

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301 McCullough Drive,
4th Floor Charlotte, NC 28262



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