Blue Sphere Corporation (OTCQB: BLSP) is an international Independent Power Producer (IPP) that transforms millions of tons of agricultural, municipal and industrial waste into sustainable clean energy and other by-products.

Instead of burying organic waste, Blue Sphere transforms these harmful materials into sustainable clean energy, helping to eliminate the release of damaging greenhouse gases and replace the need for environmentally harmful landfills that pollute our soil, underground water tables and atmosphere.

We believe that organic waste can help supply a large and sustainable source of clean energy for growing global demands.

The Blue Sphere waste-to-energy facilities sell electricity, natural gas, compost and other by-products primarily through fixed-rate power purchase agreements.

The waste-to-energy markets provide tremendous opportunity as there is a virtually endless supply of waste and organic material that can be used to generate power and valuable by-products. In particular, the disposal of organic material to landfills in most parts of the world is a costly problem with environmentally-damaging consequences. Blue Sphere offers a cost-effective, environmentally-safe alternative.

The Blue Sphere team brings decades of financing, regulatory, technology, and mass-scale project expertise to the $24+ billion waste-to-energy market. Blue Sphere also partners with various investors, banks and other institutions to fund developments at the project level.

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