Blue Sphere Corporation is an international Independent Power Producer (IPP) that is globally active in the clean energy production and waste-to-energy markets. Blue Sphere operates in these rapidly growing markets by developing or acquiring facilities that use clean energy technologies. The Blue Sphere waste-to-energy facilities generate long-term predictive revenue streams by selling electricity, natural gas, compost and other by-products primarily through fixed-rate power purchase agreements. The waste-to-energy markets provide tremendous opportunity, insofar as there is a virtually endless supply of waste and organic material that can be used to generate power and valuable by-products. In particular, the disposal of organic material to landfills in most parts of the world is a costly problem with environmentally-damaging consequences. Blue Sphere offers a cost-effective, environmentally-safe alternative.

Blue Sphere also partners with various investors, banks and other institutions to fund developments at the project level.

Blue Sphere is a public company trading on the OTCQB under the symbol: BLSP

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